Writing about your journey in addiction recovery can be one of the best ideas you have had. It is a means of expressing yourself without the judgment of others, without regard for right or wrong, and with the knowledge that you, and you alone, can look at yourself with total honesty and express it in your drug or alcohol recovery blog.

Being honest with yourself is something people often have difficulty doing. We tell ourselves everything is alright, even though it really isn’t. We think in the denial of a problem, the problem won’t exist. It’s not that we don’t know the truth; it’s really more about facing the truth. If we acknowledge the wrongs we do, the dangers we place ourselves in, or the people we harm, we will be forced to either accept the fact that we really are fools, or change what we do and how we live.

Sometimes we react to adversity by avoiding it. In our efforts to feel good, we may seek to avoid the pain by abusing mind-altering substances. Without facing ourselves, we can rationalize the use of drugs and alcohol, along with other mind-altering substances, despite the tremendous risks we take when using them. The risks, of course, include our health, our freedom, and our relationships.

When we journal, we force ourselves into a mirror to face ourselves, and address situations in ways that we can manage. On paper, we can yell, scream, comfort, avoid, ignore, destroy, or love our “adversaries,” and they will never know. Adversaries may be people, things, events, locations, or anything that weighs on our mind. The bottom line is, of course, that it helps us to heal and move forward in life.

Understanding yourself is one of the most critical aspects of healing. So long as we ignore our disease(s), they will continue to fester and grow, making healing that much more difficult. When we journal, we begin to see the reality of our lives, and what we are doing, both to ourselves and others. It can be a big step towards a successful recovery.

  • It is not hard to journal. Here is what you need:
  • If you want to go old school, take a notebook and a pen or pencil
  • Since tech devices have become an integral part of our lives, you can use your laptop or smartphone.
  • A few minutes of your time
  • Something to write about

That’s it! It is that easy! It is not costly, it is not hard to do, and it is just for you. There is no wrong way to do it, it is just writing blogs about your day, your behaviors, and your thinking. Why not try it for a week, and see if you can make it happen? You have nothing to lose, and after a few weeks, you will have the opportunity to take a look at who you are. If you find you like that person, it will be a great achievement. If not, you know what needs to be done. So, today, as Nike says, you just don’t “try” to do it, you JUST DO IT!

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