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If you’re looking for a way to get into a good shape and stay fit, then a glute ham developer (also known as a GHD) machine is the perfect tool to help you achieve this. With this incredible exercising tool, you will be able to explore many body building exercises at the comfort of your home. I can tell you for a fact that a GHD machine is going to be a great addition to your home gym that you’ll be glad you made once you discover all the amazing things you can easily accomplish with it.

In my opinion, it is one of the best machines for developing your posterior chain and building strong glutes. With this tool, you will be able to perform exercises like glute/ham raise, Russian twists, hip and back extensions, GHD sit-ups and much more.

3 Best GHD Machines for Your Home Gym

Choosing the perfect glute ham machine for your home gym can be rather difficult because there are lots of machines available on the market today. When you begin your search, you’ll realize that there are all kinds of GHD machines with different features and from different companies. To help you out, I have decided to review the 3 best ghd machines. So without further ado, let’s get started;

  1. Rogue Echo GHD Machine

The Rogue Echo GHD machine is a great piece of equipment that’s made in the USA. When it first came out, I did not think it will be a major hit, but today it is getting stellar reviews and amazing feedback from satisfied users. It features a space saving design which makes it perfect for those with limited space at home or in the garage. This machine is designed to attach to an existing power rack or rig, which means that it won’t use up a lot of space. You can also purchase a flat pack games box, i.e if you don’t have anything to attach it to.


There are 2 variations of the Rogue Echo GHD, namely; the Infinity 2×3 and Monster Lite 3×3. It comes standard with a 30×24 pad that’s made from vinyl, along with a foot roller assembly. You can also add various other attachments to the unit for extra charge. This machine will allow you to do a variety of exercises including, but not limited to; russian twists, hip extensions, glute and ham raises, back extensions and GHD sit-ups.

Bottom-line, the Rogue Echo GHD is an affordable and excellent space saving machine which is ideal for working your glutes and hamstring at home. It is easy to assemble and has great features like the grabber fabric and non-slip straps which enhance safety. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a pocket friendly GHD machine for their home gym.


– Affordable
– Space saving design
– Comes with optional custom add-on accessories
– Easy to assemble
– Can work with your existing Power rack or cage
-It has heavy-duty, non-slip straps for enhanced safety.
-Features an optional stabilizer kit which adds extra stability
– Made in the Unites States

-You need an existing rig or power rack, otherwise you’ll need to buy one separately
-Requires some assembly

  1. Titan Fitness GHD Machine

This is a versatile exercising machine manufactured by Titan. It is highly adjustable and can accommodate different body types and heights. It is made with a heavy duty steel frame which makes it durable, and has a large base with extremely well balanced legs which spread out at the bottom, ensuring stability. It features thick pads which absorb body pressure when you lay down, thus enhancing safety and comfort as you work out. It also has wheels affixed to the bottom of the steel frame, which makes it easy to transport and store.

– Uses wheels for easy mobility and storage
– Constructed with heavy duty steel which ensures durability
-Features wide pads for enhanced comfort and safety
-Can be easily adjusted to suit users of different body shapes and height
– Wide base which ensures stability and eliminates tipping

– Assembly is not that easy and may require some time to put it together.

  1. Yukon Glute Ham Developer

This is the ideal machine for anyone who is on a budget and is trying to put together a good home gym. The Yukon GHD comes from a trusted brand in body building and fitness, thus it’s reliable. It’s easily adjustable and will allow you to workout your glutes, hamstring, back muscles and even your abs. It has a solid and sturdy structure, though not as strong as some of the high end models. It features 8″ thick pads and has a non-slip foot plate for enhanced safety.

– Affordable
-Easy to assemble

-Can be adjusted multiple ways to suit different users
-Comes from a trusted company
-According to reviews, some male users feel uncomfortable without the split pad.
-Could use better quality pads.


When looking to buy a Glute Ham Developer machine for your home gym, it is best to know the different types of machines available on the market. This will enable you to make a well informed decision when choosing the machine that best suits your particular needs. I hope this article has helped you narrow down your search. Remember to go for a GHD machine that’s strong, durable, comfortable, easily adjustable and can support your body weight.

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