oldIf you are looking a way to efficiently lose weight and be fit, choosing Old School New Body will open a clear gateway to go through all the tips and techniques to achieve your goal.

What is Old School New Body?

Everyone on this earth desires to live fit and Steve and Becky have produced a great plan, especially you are at advanced age. In this program, they provide age defying solutions, enhancing energy with body reshaping formula.

The program works by giving workout framework called F4X which is the abbreviation for The Focus 4 Exercise Protocol. Whether it is the matter of having a lean muscle or fit physique, this digital program is with unique approach to cater the different needs of users. The whole program consists of 14 chapters in it and each of them is concluded with a workout schedule. An overview is as under;

How To Turn Fat into Muscle

  1. Lean Workout (20 min Belly Fat Blowtorch)
  2. Diet Facts and Fallacies
  3. Eat More, Loose Fat, Build Muscle
  4. The Truth About Alcohol

Various interesting topics are also given so that the users can more useful information about good eating habits, lean muscle options and consequences of alcohol consumption. In short, you can be your own health and fitness advisor by following this step-by-step program.

About Steve Holman & Becky Holman

steveholmanOld School New Body digital program is written and designed by Steve Holman, a well known fitness expert and known as Iron Man for more than 25 years and his wife namely Becky Holman. They both accomplished their joint efforts in the form of this e-book. Muscle building and fat burning has always been their centre of attention which is exposed in this program clearly.

In addition to this e-program, they have added following workable bonuses;

  1. Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets
  2. Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets
  3. Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secret
  4. Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets

All the above bonuses hold effective and useful workout schedules and videos from the core of program.


  • This is not a fly-by-night program, so it needs proper attention and follow up for better and faster results.
  • The program is only available in the form of downloadable copy.
  • It contains a great deal of text which may be a boring for the ones who done like to read much.



  • It works in a safe manner through workouts and exercises that kill food starving and help you a lot to stay far away from junk food.
  • It shows you rapid weight loss and the results are proven within time short period of time.
  • It is a simple guide which is easy to read and understand too.
  • It is available in the form of PDF on internet with instant download option.
  • The results are long lasting.
  • You may not need to go to gym to make you slim and smart and neither you have to purchase expensive exercise machines.
  • It uses the treatment approach which is natural, hence, no need to worry about the side effects.

Is It an Old School New Body Sam?

The day you will become smart and slim will be an ideal day in your life and this dream is now not a big deal to make it true with a thorough follow up of Old School New Body program with long lasting results to have an ideal and active life.


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