cflEveryone’s body is unique, and so are their objectives and struggle. Some struggle to rid flab on their bellies, others need to lose those extra fats on butt or someone needs to 6 or 8 packs abs with a V-shape waist.

No matter what body type you have or what’s your aim, you need to get through a peeper diet or workout regime. This Customized Fat Loss review will guide you about Kyle Leon Fat Loss system, performance and product features.

Product Review – Customized Fat Loss by Kyle Leon

Customized Fat Loss (CFL) by Kyle Leon targets the trouble areas or fatty areas of body. It helps you discover your body type and metabolism to customize your exercise programs and diet according to your body type, age, height, weight, and metabolism.

Customized Fat Loss Complete Package

Quick Start Guide PDF
It is to teach how to use software to create a perfect diet and suitable workout schedule.

Customized Fat Loss Guide
A short 8-page booklet that introduces the program, discusses body types, and how to discover which body type is yours.

Somatotyping Guide
It takes you closer to all types of body and help discovering which one is your type.

How to Lose First 10 Pounds?
It is a diet guide to be followed for few days to prepare yourself for next stricter exercise rules and diet plan.

Customized Fat Loss Training Guide
It is a separate file for women and men with objective to help them create ideal exercise schedule according to age, weight and body type.

Customized Fat Loss Supplementation Guide
It provides information about supplements recommended by Kyle.

Customized Fat Loss Stack
It includes fat burners that are available for sale on the site.

Secrets to Eating
Tips on how to eat without packing back on weight that you achieved to lost.

11 Foods to Avoid
It is list of foods like lunch meats, canned soups, cooking sprays, and salad dressings.

Exercise Demonstration Videos
For the ones who are working for the first time, these video tutorials will help them know how exactly every exercise has to be done.


The purpose of CFL program is to help users to quickly shed fat without losing any metabolism boosted lean muscle. This can be partially achieved by modifying nutrition to everything about you like age, weight, height, rate of metabolism, your body type and exercise program.

3 Tips for Success with This Program
1. Eat only single-ingredient foods
2. Never eat carbs alone
3. Take fish oil supplement

Kyle Leon Review

Kyle Leon is a personal trainer and fitness model and creator of many weight loss programs. As seen in many reviews, at his early age he was pretty skinny kid and was mocked by all his peers. This derived him to start working out, and after efforts of so many years he ultimately developed his desired body shape. He also played baseball in college. He possessed .438 slugging and .379 base percentages. Now he is serving as fitness advisory board at BioTrust Nutrition, spokesperson and product development professional at Blue Star Nutraceuticals.

4 Bonuses with CFL
1. Customized Fat loss Training
2. Customized Fat Loss Supplement
3. Peak in a Weak
4. Lifetime Upgrade

What I don’t Like about CFL!

  • In order to use the software, you have to be online every time.
  • There is no evidence of science behind as I wasn’t able to see any links or references of published articles, studies, research reports in the eBook.


What I Like about CFL!

  • The whole program is easy to understand and follow.
  • The versatility and flexibility of the diet and workout program allows even beginners who never hit gym or lifted a dumbbell will find it comfortable to start.
  • The videos for demonstration of exercise will show how to exercise right, so you don’t need to see any personal trainer.

Is It Customized Fat Loss Scam?

Kyle Leon is a well know figure in the fitness industry and has come up with a proven program and this is there are no negative comments found in any Customized Fat Loss reviews available online. The program is user friendly and comes with money back guarantee to remove any risk and it is certainly a program to give a try and shed layers of fats to renew your body.


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