If you often spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking or cooking, you will know the importance of whisks.  This humble kitchen tool comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials, from egg whisk to sauces, soups, and gravy. This kitchen tool is the first one that comes to mind.  If it is your first time investing in such a tool, it is essential to get the best one to fit your needs.  You might end up getting one that’s too soft or too stiff.  Check out what type suits you best.

Things to Consider in Getting a Whisk

As whisks come in various shapes, colors, sizes, each one is designed to perform its task of blending ingredients or perfectly mixing that sauce. Know some of the types of whisks available in the market and decide which one will specifically match your needs.

Don’t rush into buying the first whisk you’ll see on the shelf. Look for one that will offer comfort, convenience, and good quality materials.

Check out some information that will help you make the best purchase for your baking and cooking needs.


In choosing one, you will most likely end up buying a whisk made of stainless steel as this material will prevent the product from flaking off into your bowl. Stainless steel whisks also tend to last longer, saving you tons of money over time.

The ones made of plastic will most likely break in a year’s time and will end up in the trash bin.

On the other hand, a silicone-coated whisk is really good, especially when you’re whipping away using a non-stick coated pan as it helps prevent scratching. Plus, they have a higher heat tolerance than any other common plastic-coated whisks that tend to melt easily.


One of the important factors in choosing your whisk is the size of the handle. If it is too small, it might fall in your bowl, and if it is too large, it might fall out. It should also be comfortable to hold for a longer period of time and with a group grip so it won’t slip out your hand when you beat in a fast-paced manner.

You also have to make sure that its weight should be proportion with the wires so it will be easy to control.


When looking for a whisk, pay close attention to its wires. Go for the one with well-constructed wires as it will stand the test of time. You would want them to be durable and, at the same time, provide you with a lot of movement. Remember that whisks with thick wires are more effective in beating meringues, eggs, or breaking up annoying lumps of dry ingredients like flour and sugars.


Whisks come in various shapes and designs. Here are some of the popular designs in the market.

Ball Variety: It has tiny balls at the end of the straight lines and is used for making thick condiments.

Balloon Style: This is the most versatile one, and it is perfect for rounded bowls. It’s good for making sauces, batters, soups, and others.

French Variety: This looks similar to the balloon style but is a little bit narrow and flat. It works well with deep dishes and is more efficient in bowls with tight corners.

Flat: This is perfect for stirring with shallow sauté pans and is good for making a roux or gravy.

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Silicone whisks are considered the ideal tool in mixing regardless of their shape and size as they are non-reactive and perfect for your pots and pans.  They are scratch-resistant and can be much more superior than the regular metal whisk, especially when it comes to creating damage or scratches in your tins.  They’re also flexible, comfortable, and easy to use.  Whatever size or design you would go for, silicone whisks can definitely make your cooking and baking life in the kitchen easier.

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